Lack of new blogs


Thanks for reading.

Yeah, there’s been a lack of blogs from my side lately. There are some reasons to it. Mostly being that working from home takes up a lot of time. I think my regular working day starts around 7 and ends around 10. In the evening. In between it’s work, taking care of a 6yo, helping out my wife, inevitable things like lunch, dinner and dishes and so on.

Some days it’s hard to be sure I’ve actually worked my minimum of 8 hours a day. When in doubt, hello weekend. Not every weekend though but there have been weeks where I felt I had to make up for lost time. Or fix urgent issues. Because these happen too.

It’s hard for everyone now and all we have to do is stay healthy and see this thing through. When things return to normal I hope to restart the blogging fun. I hope to be able to write some fun, informative stuff again!

Untill then, stay safe, stay healthy and if you are, then continue to be and don’t think of stopping! (Stephen Fry).

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